February 22 , 2003 - Radio Interview on Strange Days... Indeed

James Fox, the Executive Producer of OUT OF THE BLUE, was interviewed on Saturday night at 9:00pm ET. The show was on News Talk CFRB out of Toronto, Canada.
Strange Days... Indeed reflects:
  • The UFO-related experiences of many tens of thousands of normal, creditable people who can no longer be dismissed as 'loonies'.
  • The tireless work of un-sung researchers and investigators around the world.
  • The determined, deafening silence of governments around the planet to UFO phenomena.
Host Errol Bruce-Knapp has worked in broadcast media for over 42 years. He was a 'pirate' radio DJ on ships off the UK coast, Chuck The Security Guard's side-kick 'Ryerson' on The All-Night Show, part of the TVO Ontario team that put the expression 'Fast Forward' into the English lexicon. He's been intrigued by UFOs for many, many years and got involved on an almost full-time basis in 1993 when he got his first computer and joined The Mutual UFO Network's Ontario Chapter.