March 2003

Out of the Blue
Review By Kate Miller:
  • A film by james Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov
  • Produced by FCZ Media
  • Price: $24.95
  • Running Time: 94 Minut

Narrated by Peter Coyote, Out of the Blue: The definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon , won ‘Best UFO Documentary in a Long Subject’ at last year’s 11th International UFO Congress and Film Festival (see UFO Magazine, May 2002) plus the prestigious ‘People’s Award’ vote from Congress delegates.
Those from who attended its premier at Laughlin got to see it there first, of course, but having watched Out of the Blue at long last for myself (the review copy arrived only recently) and having been enthralled from start to finish, I can’t help but wonder what the marketing and distribution people at FCZ Media have been doing these past 12 month. Why, for example, didn’t they enter it in last September’s 2002 UFO Magazine Awards? It would not only have stood an excellent chance of picking up an Award (according to informed sources), but the publicity that goes with it.

Renowned US skeptics did get to see it, however, including Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine and a contributing Editor and Monthly Columnist on Scientific American.
Shermer had this to say in his review of Out of the Blue: “With what seems like an almost illimitable supply of documentaries on UFOs one begins to wonder what else can be said of these elusive craft. Out of the Blue breaks out of the paradigmatic mold and emerges as one of the very best films ever produced on this, one of the most interesting subjects in the history of science.
“Although I remain skeptical that alien intelligence have visited Earth (until someone can produce for me an alien spacecraft or body), I am convinced by sound reasoning and logic that we are not alone in the galaxy.
“Thus, Out of the Blue touches on one of the most intriguing questions any of us can ask ourselves: are we alone?”
Through a series of exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, Out of the Blue supports the theory that some UFOs could be of extraterrestrial origin. For example:

Admiral of the Fleet and former Chief of Defence Staff, The Lord Hill Norton, analyses the Rendlesham Forest incident, where a UFO was seen close to the adjoining bases at RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters.
Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, expresses his concern over a covert group that has escaped government oversight, obscuring the knowledge and evidence of ET craft from the world.
Russian cosmonaut Pavel Papovich and members of the Russian military divulge their knowledge of UFOs with unprecedented openness.
A visual effects’ supervisor from George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) scrutinizes some of the most compelling video footage of a ‘flying saucer’ shot in broad daylight.
Additional interviews were obtained after Laughlin and later added to the video. These include: Dr. Bob Jacobs, on how a UFO disabled an Atlas missile launch; and Brigadier General Steven Lovekin, on how President Eisenhower was kept out of the loop. Also, in the DVD version of Out of the Blue, there is an additional interview with John Podesto, President Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, in which he talks about the need to declassify UFO material and release it to the public.
Out of the Blue is a gripping documentary, probably one of the best on this subject to come out of the United States in many-a-year. But the frustrating thing is that until it really ‘comes out’ – by that I mean distributed to countries outside the US – either as a video for retail or broadcast on TV, then the vast majority of people reading this review, and who would like to see it for themselves, are going to have a frustrating wait.
However, after Graham W. Birdsall spoke with an FCZ Media representative , they have ensured that UK readers can now order the film over the internet from the Out of the Blue website. The price is $24.95 (VHS PAL – same price for video cassette or DVD version) plus $4.95 shipping.

A major "5 Star" review of OUT OF THE BLUE is featured in UFO Magazine published in the U.K.: