June 24 , 2003 TV Premiere on Sci Fi Channel
9PM Eastern Time / Pacific Time
Filmmakers James Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov take an explosive look at the UFO phenomenon in this award-winning, feature-length documentary. Top military and government personnel, including Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and former U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, reveal their involvement with UFOs. Winner of the Best UFO Documentary Award as well as the People's Choice Award by the International UFO Congress.
SciFi is airing this acclaimed special on the 56th anniversary, to the day, of the famed Kenneth Arnold sightings that ushered in the age of UFOs. On June 24, 1947, Boise businessman Arnold, while helping search near Mt. Rainier for a downed military aircraft, spotted nine silvery, crescent-shaped objects that looked "like saucers skipping over a pond." For the next two weeks, "flying saucers" — the newly coined term — made the front pages of newspapers nationwide.
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