November 8, 2002

In conjunction with Spielberg's Taken, SCI FI channel has launched the Advocacy Initiative. This is a public forum where well-respected members of the scientific community can discuss unidentified aerial phenomena and interstellar travel in a neutral setting. SCI FI purchased a number of clips from Out of the Blue to be used in thier electronic press kit to support this initiative.
SCI FI hopes that this effort will help foster an environment in which scientific research into unidentified aerial phenomena can be conducted without censure or other negative repercussions within that community.


Clip deal with SCI FI Channel:

The producers of Out of the Blue made a deal to license several scenes from their documentary to the SCI FI Channel. These clips will be used to support the Advocacy Initiative. The clips include interviews with Admiral Lord Hill Norton, former Chief of Defense Staff in England and the sighting of a UFO by President Jimmy Carter.