November 6, 2002

Script consultation with Peter Coyote
James and Dave at the controls
Peter delivers the goods
Patty, Boris, Peter, James and Samara

Peter Coyote Narrates Film:

Emmy award-winning actor Peter Coyote recorded a new narration for Out of the Blue. The session took place at Command Productions in Sausalito, California. Directing the new voice-over for the film were producers James Fox and Boris Zubov. Engineer Dave Radlauer, who has worked with Peter Coyote on numerous previous recordings, operated the mixing board. Also in attendance were researcher Samara Zibitt and content consultant Patty Zubov.

The session was completed in about one hour. "I've worked with a lot of different voice talents." remarked Boris Zubov, "but Peter is by far the best. He was able to add a certain credibility and emotion that takes our film to a higher level." Peter Coyote has recorded narrations for over 70 films. He won an Emmy in 1992 for his narration of "The Meiji Revolution."