Does the U.S. government classify UFO's "Above Top Secret"?

The level of secrecy imposed by the U.S. government on the UFO issue is revealed in this Top Secret memorandum written by electronics engineer Wilbert Smith, a high-ranking official in the Canadian Department of Transport. Smith wrote the memo in November of 1950 after a meeting with Dr. Robert Sarbacher, a top government scientist employed by the Pentagon.
Dr. Robert Sarbacher
In a 1983 phone interview with Stanton Friedman, Dr. Robert Sarbacher confirmed that he had spoken to Wilbert Smith in 1950. Dr. Sarbacher operated a laboratory that was used for various military tests. The lab was located near the Canadian Embassy in Washington.
Dr. Sarbacher claimed that prior to his conversation with Smith, he was invited to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for a briefing on the recovery of a flying saucer in western United States. In a letter dated November 29, 1983, he talked openly about his involvement in investigating material recovered from a UFO. He wrote: “... certain materials reported to have come from flying saucer crashes were extremely light and very tough. I am sure our laboratories analyzed them very carefully.” Dr. Sarbacher concluded the letter by saying: “I still do not know why the high order of classification has been given and why the denial of the existence of these devices.”


Wilbert Smith was a senior radio engineer with the Broadcast and Measurements Section of the Department of Transport. He was responsible for the engineering aspects of all matters concerning the use of radio in Canada. Smith had a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and held a number of patents.

After Smith sent his Top Secret memo to the Controller of Telecommunication, the Canadian government started its own official investigation into the UFO phenomenon. Launched on December 2nd, 1950, it was called Project Magnet. Wilbert Smith ran the classified project for the four years that it was operational.