Tim Coleman
Co-Executive Producer
Insight Media


Tim Coleman is a British journalist and documentarian. His experience in the media includes working in press, radio, film and TV. He has a diploma in filmmaking from the London International Film School and a BA in film and independent studies from Middlesex University.

He has produced and directed several documentaries including TATTOOING: PIGMENTS OF THE IMAGINATION, a film that was sold to the German broadcasting network, WDR. His documentary on the Sufi/dervish festivals in Egypt called BEYOND THE PYRAMIDS LIE FAIRGROUNDS OF THE FAITHFUL was originally commissioned by Channel 4 in Britain and later included in the ethnographic film courses of British universities.

During a hiatus from filmmaking he worked as a freelance radio journalist for BBC radio. He became fascinated with the UFO subject after the BBC asked him to interview the world's foremost experts on alien abduction: Dr. John Mack and Dr. David Jacobs.

Tim continued to research and write about the UFO subject, becoming one of the leading journalists in this field. His work has been published in numerous British UFO magazines including: Alien Encounters, Encounters, Fortean Times and UFO Magazine.

He was a regular contributor to the XFactor — Formerly Britain's largest UFO/Paranormal publication. He also writes for UFOMagazine (USA) and Enigmas (Spain).

His most recent contribution to the UFO subject is as co-executive producer of the award-winning feature length documentary OUT OF THE BLUE.

Last year he helped shoot CROP CIRCLES — QUEST FOR TRUTH, a documentary feature film on the crop circle phenomenon made by Oscar nominated director — William Gazecki.



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