DJ Shakatura

DJ Shakatura creates a techno-organic fusion of down tempo breaks, trip-hop, dub and world rhythms. He has appeared as a DJ at major festivals like Earth Dance, Fusion Festival and Burning Man. His countless appearances at smaller gatherings and full moon parties have made his work legendary as “techno shamanic conductor.”

A prolific studio producer, Shakatura's original limited run release with San Francisco's Ceiba Records appeared in early 2001. Subsequent Shakatura cuts have also appeared on Ceiba's compilations Language of Light 3 and Miditation 2. He has also been working with San Francisco's progressive Looq Records releasing several dance floor twelve-inches as Shakatura as well as The Activity and Telemetry. The flute drenched ambient journey, Midheaven, was released on Canadian Interchill Records compilation Earth Octave Lounge in 2002. The full length CD Galactivation was released on CyberOctave in August of 2003 to critical acclaim.

A second full-length album is underway and will feature an impressive
cast of Galactivist musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Theme Music composed by Shakatura

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