Peter Ziegelmeier
Kode IV

Peter ziegelmeier’s Kode IV has been an innovative and ever changing musical project - covering diverse musical styles from it’s early incarnation as an industrial/electric body music outfit.

Peter has always been trying to push and explore the boundaries of electronic music, while keeping a sense of balance between the artificial and the organic, the digital and the analog, the sacred and the profane. His dynamic and energetic live performances transform every dance floor into a high energy matrix leaving the ecstatic dancers exhausted and blissed out.

Kode IV’s blend of tribal rhythms, pulsating basslines, tweaked out acid riffs and intricate soundscapes could be experienced at some of the most prolific open air parties, such as: Love Parade (Berlin), Solipse (Hungary), Solipse (Africa), Burning Man (USA 1997-2002) Hirschfestspiele (Berlin), Earth Dance (Mexico), Boom (Portugal 2002).

His influences range from classical Indian (studies in Benares and learning Sarod) to western classical music, combined with his passion for electronic sound production and fascination for all that vibrates and resonates around the world, makes Kode IV a force of innovation and a source of inspiration

Ziegelmeier’s label, Ceiba Records, releases Kode IV’s music as well as his
other musical collaborations: The Nommos (with Goa Gil and Ariane);
Ceiba and Midi Brotherhood, on their well received compilations Language of Light 01/02/03; the Burning Man Series 01/02/03; and the down tempo release Miditation, created, designed and pixled by Tina Zimmermann, represents the visual visionary aspect of Ceiba Records and Kode IV.



Also composed music for