Boris Zubov
Production Designer
Boris Darling Productions

As Production Designer for OUT OF THE BLUE, Boris was responsible for the post production and packaging of the film. He edited it at his home-based studio using Final Cut Pro on a Mac computer. He also implemented the website.

Boris Zubov has been involved in video and audio production for over 20 years. Based out of San Francisco and New York, he has worked on numerous projects around the world. His strengths lie in editing, production design and directing. He also has extensive experience as cameraman, audio technician and web designer

During the 1990s he was an independent contractor for NEWS TRAVEL NETWORK / CNX MEDIA where he did various projects as Designer, Editor and Producer. He designed the style and format for WORLD'S WEIRDEST PLACES, completing 13 episodes of this half-hour travel program syndicated worldwide. He produced and edited the documentary BLUE TRAIN, shown on PBS, about train travel in South Africa. He was also Chief Editor on AMERICAN LAKES AND RIVERS, a series of long-form documentaries, one of which received a JOEY AWARD.

Outside the post-production studio, he frequently contracts out as an Audio Engineer and Equipment Manager. His work for the nationally broadcast news inserts CONSUMER TRAVEL REPORTS has taken him to numerous international locations including Tahiti, Australia, Panama, Sweden, France, Russia, South Africa, Germany and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Other recent projects include: On-Line Editor of the award winning documentary UFOs: 50 YEARS OF DENIAL?, shown on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL; Producer and Editor of videos for ANIMATED ARCHITECTURE, which were shown at AT&T’s Global Village during the 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES in Atlanta; Director and Editor of promotional trailers for various SAN FRANCISCO FILM FESTIVALS.

Boris earned his Master Of Fine Arts degree in Television/Radio Production from the City University of New York in 1987. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting Communication Arts from San Francisco State University in 1984.

His pastimes include bicycling, skiing, traveling and operating a radio station for Burning Man.


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