Spring 2007: "OUT OF THE BLUE"
Five Years After
A Special Five Year Anniversary Edition of OUT OF THE BLUE is now available. The producers of the movie have reunited to completely remaster this award-winning film. New material has been added to update a number of cases.
Governor Fife Symington talks about the Phoenix Lights
For the first time, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington is interviewed about the events surrounding the Phoenix Lights event of 1997. He reveals what he knew about a massive unidentified craft that was witnessed by hundreds, if not thousands of people, in the sky above Phoenix, AZ. He also responds to criticism of how he debunked the event and sets the record straight on how he would handle it now.
Airman Jim Penniston describes the UFO he touched
There are also four exclusive new interviews that greatly expand on the Bentwaters Incident of 1980. For the first time ever, former Sergeant Jim Penniston and Airmen John Burroughs join Airmen Edward Cabansag to describe in detail the UFO they encountered in Rendlesham Forest, outside the “Twin Bases” operated by the US and UK Air Forces. Former deputy base commander Col. Charles Halt describes his own sighting of what is commonly referred to as the “English Roswell.” He shows the plaster casts that were made from the landed craft. Col. Halt also discusses the audiotape and leaked memo that made this case public. And base commander Gen. Gordon Williams gives the sanctioned military explanation of what happened.
Col. Charles Halt shows plaster cast of UFO footprint
Using the developments in digital technology, OUT OF THE BLUE is getting a complete makeover to High Definition, available in a 16:9 Letterbox format. New graphics and animations are being added to support the new material. This special edition will be released as a 2 DVD set with never before seen out-takes and exclusive interviews with the filmmakers. The two disk set will also include the film “UFOs: 50 Years of Denial” officially available for the first time on DVD.

In production for the new release.

Peter Coyote records new narration on March 24, 2007